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WooCommerce Add Customer & Order Data To Stripe Transactions - WPQuickies

2021-04-22 13:00 Sydney, Australia
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In this lunchtime #WPQuickies, I show you how to add WooCommerce customer and order data into your Stripe credit card transactions as metadata.

Do you find yourself spending hours reconciling a lump-sum transfer from Stripe in your accounting package - trying to find out which transactions matched which orders?

By default, the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin only saves the customer name and email with transactions.

How cool would it be to see the customers phone number, company name and line orders in the metadata as well?

Theme and Plugin designers and developers can add this code into your custom builds to add extra value to your projects.

* Adding extra metadata to Stripe to help with reconciliation

🧙‍♂️Speaker: Wil Brown

Target Audience: Shop Owners, Designers & Developers

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